-Formulation Support
-Presenting new innovations,
-Manufacturing Plan Design and Establisment Consultancy for manufacturers
-Supplying raw materails or consulting the sources
-Consultancy of providing items and packagings
-Export Documents such as Health Certificates,MSDS,Analising Reports
-Bulk Manufacturing
-Follow up New trends, New colors and Consultancy
-Color Matching
-Improvement of in use formulations for decreasing its cost.
-Research and Development of other sector items
-Coordinate of Quality Managemet ISO 9001 applications.
-Testing and consulting for the supplier presented as a new raw materials for the existing manufacturers
- Solving manufacturing problems
- Searching and informing new machines and new products if demand
- Advising Plastic Package manufacturer for necessary designes

Education and Experience

1989 Yildiz Technical University Chemistry Department Graduation
1989-1992 Cekomastik-Adhesive and Coating Industry-Quality Control and R&D
1992-1994 West Herts College -English Study -England

I am in the cosmetic business since 1994.
-1994          Alfar Cosmetics - Import Specialist
-1997-1999  Gul Cosmetics - Manufacturing Manager
-1999-2003  Moved to USA and Research Cosmetics Business and Trends
-2004-2006  Aysan Aydin Cosmetics Manufacturing Manager-R&D
-2006-2009  Shadia Cosmetics Factory Manager - R&D
-2009          NSI Cosmetics&Laboratories R&D and Consultancy

Developed Projects
Since 1994 I am in cosmetics business as a Researcher and Developer. I designed and opened 3 Manufacturing Companies. Worked as Technical Manager for the manufacturer accepted by The Ministry of Health. Prepared all manufacturing procedures and Manufacturing documents. We well known in Cosmetic manufacturer Companies as a Cosmetic Chemist and Formulator.

The formulation and projects made untill now:

Lipgloss with glitters 1997
Importing first metalic covered mascara bottles from Taiwan
Powder Eyeshadow 2004
Nail Polish Remover
Liquid Lipstick 2005
Hydra Lipstick 2005
Longlasting Lipstick 2005
Importing Pearls first from Taiwan 2005
Mousse Foundation 2006
Mousse Blush On 2006
Kissproof and Lipvolumizer water based 2006
Waterproof Dipliner Black and color 2007
Waterproof Mascara and Extra Volume Mascara with Vitamins 2007
Lipstick Base 2002
Antipersiperant Compact Powder 2007
SPF 20 Cream Compact Make UP 2007
SPF 20 Super Covarage Foundation Cream 2008
Anti Wrinkle Cream 2008
Whitening Cream 2008
Glitter Pencil 2008
Make Up Remover 2009
SPF 50 Sunblock Lotion 2009
Anti Puff Eye cream 2009
Anti Dark Eye Cream and Concealer 2009
Two Face Eyemake up Remover 2009
Wet&Dry Anti Wrinkle Compact and Loose Powder 2009
Supra Color Make up 2010
Aqua Color eyeshadow 2010
Self Tanning Cream 2010
Mineral Cosmetics Series; Compact Powder, Blush On, Lipstick, Mascara 2010
Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer 2010
Anti-Itching Cream 2011
Intimate Gel 2012
Hair Removal Cream 2012
Hair Removal Wax 2012

For Glass Industry
Tempered Glass enamel 2010
Glass UV Curing Adhesive 2010
For Jewelery Industry
Rhoduna Rodium Plating Solution 2010


- First user Metalure Prismatic Pearls for manufacturing Rainbow Nail Polish series
-  First importer of Oxen Pearls into market in order to Reduce cost
-  First user of Silica Slylate by LCW as Viscosity Enhancer for lipgloss
- First user of DC 9701 -Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer and (Silica)by Dow Corning in powder formulations
-  First user of Aculyn 22 and Aculyn 33 by Rohm and Hass in liquid lipstick
- First user of Degusa Evonik Abil EM 97 and Abil WE 09 in lotion and foundation formulation
- First user of Multi Dimension Pearls by Engelhard in lipstick and nail polish formulations
-  First user of Locron P by Clariant in Antipersiperant Powder formulation
-  First user of Lipgloss Base 6424 by Kahl Wax for liquid Lipsticks
-  First user of Synake by Pentafarm for Antiwrinkle Cream
-  First user of Alpha Arbutin by Pentafarm for whitening Cream
-  First user of VCI 10 by Sterine Dubois in powder formulations
-  First user of Isododecane by IMCD in waterproof mascara formulation
-  First user of BSM PT by Arch Personal Care in Mousse Foundation

1997 International Cosmetics Semposium ICOS- Eskisehir Turkey
1998 ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Seminar- Marmara University
1998 Import and Export Specialist Courses- Istanbul University
2005 Noveon Istanbul Seminar
2005 Uniqema Istanbul Seminar
2007 Evonik Istanbul Seminar
2007 Engelhard Istanbul Seminar
2008 ISP Istanbul Seminar
2008 Lubrizol Seminar
2008 AAK-Inolex-CLR Seminar
2008 Eckart Istanbul Seminar
2010 HPCI Home and Personal Care Congress
2011 HPCI Home and Personal Care Congress
2012 HPCI Home and Personal Care Congress
2013 HPCI Home and Personal Care Congress
2013 3.Cosmetic Congress -Antalya